Finding joy through creativity
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Car camping packing list 

Here is our complete list for packing before a trip.  Please note: this list is unique to our family.  Please print it out and customize it to your use!  I will keep it, and update it as we refine our packing skills.  

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Trip Report: Maple Canyon, Utah

A couple weeks after we had a sweet baby, we ventured out for a day hike at the amazing Maple Canyon, Utah.  

An amazing place for serious climbers, but a wonderland for 3 kids who love to scramble.

 I am continually amazing the priceless treasures that are in our backyard.   

Words and Music

Jeremy came home and wrote this awesome... essay, poem, and music.  It really expresses the way we feel when we try to get outside with the kids.  

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 Our fifth baby.  

Our fifth baby.  


It all started when...

We ran out of space in our minivan.  We saved for a couple years to get on a waiting list....forever....but we are so excited to have this 4x4 to take our van pretty much anywhere.  Check back here for our van build-outs.  

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