-Basic bowl for base, it could be white, or wood or glass! Just make sure it is oven safe.

-Glue gun and glue sticks (I really like gorilla glue sticks)

-Cup of water for paint brushes

-Protective cover for painting

-Old cookie sheet (dedicated to polymer clay)

-Anything green for pumpkin leaves (use something you already have like; scrap fabric, fake leaves, grass from outside, you get the idea)

- Candy corn (or any other candy you can resist for a month)

Sculpey Ultra Light Polymer Clay

-One package

This clay is really fun to work with because you can sculpt it to any shape, bake it at 275 degrees and it is super durable (kids can’t break it easily) It takes paint really well and you can carve, drill and sand this clay.

Don’t pay more than $12.00 for this clay, if worse comes to worse, use for coupon at Joanns!

Varathane Polyurethane finish (water based)


You need to get a water based and this brand! I have seen half pint sized containers at Home Depot, and other craft stores.


Amazon only had this fun set of paint, but just head to your local craft mega store and get these colors:

-1 orange (your choice of color for the pumpkin)

-1 white

-1 brown

Paint brushes

No fine painting for this project! Just get your hands on some cheap foam brushes.

Twinkle lights(optional)

You only need one of these lights, but Amazon sells them in a set.

These light with make our candy dish nice and bright!

Paring knife (not serrated)

Any small non serrated knife will work! This will be dedicated to clay, so grab and old one.