As a family we are simply trying to find balance.  We both work very hard, and we play hard (that is balance, right?) We hope to show our kids the beauty that is all around them.  

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Maple Canyon Utah- A kids climbing paradise.

 This was a quick day trip down to central Utah.  Just outside of Fountain Green Utah is a hidden landscape jem.  Our kids loved exploring the river rocks and all the birds making nests in the cliffs.  Jeremy wrote the words and music that went along with this trip.  

Ski Lessons with Jed

Jeremy wanted to challenge himself to make a short entirly on GoPros.  He won an award with GoPro with this short.  


Yellowstone in October.  

We visited Yellowstone on the edge of fall and winter.  Within 3 days we had a visual thanksgiving.  We spied so many animals, vistas and weather.  It was breathtaking.  A lot of the time videos pick and choose the best parts of the trip...this trip, it was all the best.