Fly fishing with a clutz

Jeremy and I escaped for a couple days down to Torrey Utah.  It is a favorite place of mine...... That last sentence sounded like my 7 year olds homework assignment.....   I understate, because I don't want to overwhelm you with my love of this incredible place, and I am not that great of a writer.  Let me say this; it has rock desert, high mountain pines, and whatever is in the middle.  Go to Torrey Utah and spend 15 days there.  You will barely scratch the surface and your lips will be chapped, but you will have a huge smile on your face for a while.  

We made a last min reservation for a fly fishing guide.  I love being on rivers and have always wanted to take up this sport.  But I have one problem.  I am a total clutz.  I have always thought myself to gangly to take up anything that requires an ounce of grace.  My new found love of growth mindset (go look it up) and given me new hope.  


Our guide was a total character.  Totally endearing, totally hungover, and totally amazing at catching fish. It took all of my concentration for 4 hrs, but I learned so much in that short time.